4 Great Possibilities for the Wii U

I followed the various video game unveilings at the Electronic Entertainment Expo avidly, but I had to do so online as I have not yet unlocked the power to hypnotize the editors of the Houston Press into paying for me to fly to Los Angeles and play video games for three days on their dime. Soon, though, soon.

The problem with that is that things get filtered through the lens of the Internet, and as we all know, the lens of the Internet is coated with ball sweat and rage. When Nintendo trotted out demonstrations of their next system, the Wii U, there was a lot of confusion and disappointment being expressed.

The Wii U, which will be backwards compatible with the Wii and use many of the same peripherals like the Wiimote and nunchuck, is getting flak from two main issues. The first is that the official Wii U remote has basically a tablet with a touch screen in the middle of it. It's easily the biggest and most awkward-looking controller ever, and it often requires you to look away from the screen to use it.

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