4 Houston Shops That Should Appeal To Any Fan Of Hats

In past generations, people wore hats more often than is fashionable in modern America, with many men and women wearing them almost anytime they left the house. Hats have never completely gone away of course, but with the exception of baseball style caps, it's not common to see men wearing them as much as they did several decades ago. Times change, but a good hat style still looks good today, and more people are rediscovering the appeal of a head covering that their grandfathers wouldn't have considered leaving the house without. While it's true that even large chain stores like Target carry a small selection of men's hats these days, a person looking for something specific or of higher quality might consider visiting one of the following local businesses.

4. Cavender's Boot City - Various locations

Cowboy hats have never gone away in the Houston area. This is Texas after all, and there are still quite a few residents who like to wear what must be one of the most iconic hat styles in the world. Whether worn for function or as a fashion accessory, cowboy hats are probably right behind baseball caps as far as hat popularity goes. There are several locations of the large retailer in Houston and I chose to visit the one located on the Katy Freeway just outside of Beltway 8. The large section set aside for cowboy hats is a good place to start for any man or woman looking for one, and they carry a large selection of straw and felt hats ranging in price from under $50 to around $1,000. I discovered the answer to a personally mystery - my own hat size, which is 7-1/4, and also learned that straw hats are fashionable during this time of the year, being more appropriate for hotter weather, with felt hats being in fashion during the colder months. That makes sense, but was news to a hat newcomer such as myself. I also found that hats have their own version of thread counts, and the more numerous the fibers in their material, the better the assumed quality and the higher their price.

Cavender's had plenty of cowboy hat styles to choose from, and is a good place to shop for one. I ended up buying a Resistol straw hat for myself. The store can also fit the needs of men and women of any age who want to shop for western wear.

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