4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Werewolves

Anne Rice is coming to Houston on March 21 to do a signing of her new book, The Wolf Gift, at Murder by the Book. We haven't read her latest, non-Jesus book thoroughly, but a brief flip through reveals the same awesome, trashy pulp style she used on the underrated Ramses the Damned. It's full of all the blood and sex that made her famous, not a bad beach-day read at all.

So maybe we're being a little pissy by pointing it out, but it seems like no one has any respect for the origins of the European werewolf that most of our films and books are based on. So much of it is just plain invention without any basis in legends from the dark ages. Since we're the kind of person who has Sabine Baring-Gould's authoritative treatise on the history of werewolves in our bathroom reading pile, it falls to us to clear up these misconceptions. Things like...

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