Well they certainly have something to smile about now.
Well they certainly have something to smile about now.
Photo by Jeff McMorrough

4th Wall Theatre Company Finds a Donor, Will Not Shut Down After All

Fourth Wall Theatre Company, which has won recognition and awards for its productions and  which was to have shut down after its current run of Reckless due to financial concerns, will instead continue thanks to a donor who has infused new money into their effort, co-founders Philip Lehl and Kim Tobin-Lehl announced today.

As their press release stated:

" Ken Bohan, President and owner of The Liberty Group - who will lead fundraising efforts and help implement necessary changes that will move us forward – 4th Wall Theatre Company is staying open! Mr. Bohan has issued a $100,000 match challenge, which if met will allow us to continue working towards fulfilling our mission of paying theatrical artists a living wage, and bringing Houston theatre-goers extraordinary performances for years to come. "

To add to that, artistic directors Tobin-Lehl and Lehl are mounting a nationwide search for the company's first-ever managing director. This will allow them to concentrate on the artistic side of things while the managing director handles administration and fund-raising. They hope to fill the new position by July.

4th Wall has restored the regional premiere of Suzanne Bradbeer's Shakespeare in Vegas to their lineup for May 17 through June 9.

Bohan's fund-raising match challenge kicks off today.

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