5 Awesome Grand Theft Auto V Gifs to Get You Through the Work Day

For many of you this is going to be the longest day of work of the year. Right now you're trying hard to look busy, but in the back of your mind you're counting down the hours until freedom, at which point you'll head home, put your copy of Grand Theft Auto V in to your PS3/Xbox, and play far too late in the night. You'll go to work tomorrow with a game hangover, but it'll be worth it.

Let this be a lesson to you: this is why you don't waste vacation/personal/sick days on silly things like family, visits to the doctor, or actual vacations. Grand Theft Auto core releases only come out twice a decade, and taking the day off to bask in their glory is a much better use of your time off.

Stupid Tuesday media releases.

Still, just because you're at the office doesn't mean you have to go GTAV free today. In an effort to make the day go by just a bit faster, check out these awesome gifs of the game that have popped up online in the last few days. There are some gameplay spoilers, but nothing that'll ruin your first playthough.

5. King of the Mountain

Imagine putting on your best hiking clothes, grabbing your gear, and hitting the trail for a beautiful day outside. Everything is going great, until out of nowhere some psychopath comes along, punches you in the face, and kicks you off a cliff. Brutal. This is why it's best not to imagine the life of your average video game NPC.

4. Man Versus Train

The world of the Grand Theft Auto V is a lot like our own. Sure, their version of Los Angeles is on an island, but the real Los Angeles will be eventually, so really the game is just ahead of human history. In the spirit of bringing you a realistic gaming experience, the game will not allow you to stop a train with a pistol. Sorry.

3. For the Grove!

Now that players are back in Los Santos (after five years on the East Coast), you may notice some locations that you previously visited back in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As you drive around you may find yourself back on one particular cul-de-sac that looks very familiar. Who says you can't go home?

2. Meeting People is Easy

Where we come from, the act of just randomly jumping on to someone's back is called "a barnacle." That's probably not street enough to be slang in the world of GTA, but until we have the game in our hands we just don't know. For now, go forth and barnacle, until the streets say otherwise.

1. ...did he just kick a cow?

Grand Theft Auto V is a game with a gigantic map to explore, full cars to hijack, people to assault, sports to play, and other assorted ways to kill time. And yet of all the videos that have been released, all the livestreams that have been captured, and all the gifs that have been created, it is this that might be the most amazing. HE KICKED THE COW. Unreal. Is it time to go home yet?

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