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5 Best Houston Halloween Costume Shops

Well, it's almost time. Halloween is nearly upon us, and some people still need a costume for the big night. Sure, a few folks might have an amazing selection of costume pieces just laying around the house. For some people Halloween is all year round, but the majority of us don't have a closet full of cool gear to throw together a great Halloween costume without leaving the house.

So where can a Houstonian who's looking for a great Halloween costume go to find one? Yes, there's the internet, you can find anything there. But a person won't be able to try on a costume before buying it, and there's no telling if that "Sexy Avocado" ensemble that you've been eyeballing will look flattering unless you see it in person first.

These are some of my favorite costume shops. It's a subjective list, of course. What I find appealing about them might not be something others do, but they're all worthy of a trip if you're looking for a cool Halloween costume this year.

5. Party Boy - 1515 Studemont

This costume shop/party supply store has been around for a long while now, and has become one of the best Halloween costume shops in town. I mean, there's a haunted house connected to the place and a hearse is usually parked outside, it's hard to not dig that if you're a Halloween nut like me. Party Boy is a pretty big party supply store, and has all sorts of decorations for various themed parties and holidays. They have a costume rental space upstairs that seems pretty cool, although I don't usually rent costumes, and they have plenty of costumes and accessories for sale too. Party Boy has a lot of stuff, and while it's not my personal favorite costume shop in town, it's not a bad place to shop.

I've heard mixed things about their customer service, but it's always been fine when I went. Overall, Party Boy is a good stop on a Halloween costume finding excursion.

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