5 Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own w/ Video

Shoes are perhaps the most necessary fashion item; you may or may not own the latest designer dress or don the dandiest hat, but shoes, be they in-season or out-of-season, are something that we all must own.

Unless going barefoot is your thing.

For women, however, owning one pair is not enough. For every facet of our lives, there is an applicable shoe. If you own ten pairs of shoes or 100, your collection is not complete without the following five.

5. Black Pump

The black pump is the cornerstone of your shoe wardrobe. Considered the foot equivalent of the LBD (little black dress) or a simple yet classic strand of pearls, its stylish versatility will take you from work to play without skipping a beat.

Though there are many variations on the black pump, your best bet is to stick with a closed-toe -- for now. (You can always add a cute peep-toe pump to your "shoedrobe" later.)

4. Nude Pump

Similar to the black pump for its stylish changeability, the nude, or neutral, pump is your go-to day-to-evening shoe for spring and summer. It pairs well with white and pastel outfits, even better than the professional solemnity of the black shoe. However, put it away after Labor Day. 3. Stiletto Heels

Also known as Christian Louboutins, or Giuseppe Zanottis, or Manolo Blahniks, these are the thousand-dollar pairs Carrie Bradshaw -- our favorite fictional fashionista friend brought to life by the equally fantastic Sarah Jessica Parker -- regularly wore around New York City. They're also the same shoes you lust over in the windows of Saks or Neiman Marcus while simultaneously crying over your inability -- or refusal -- to purchase them. While you may not have the fanciful lifestyle (or checking account) that affords a closetful of expensive stilettos, you now have a reason to purchase at least one: It's essential to have an evening-wear pair that supersedes the black and nude pumps.

And let's face it: Every woman should, at least once in her lifetime, splurge on a ridiculously expensive pair of stilettos. (Just make sure the rent is paid beforehand.)

2. Sandals

Our rising thermostats (and electric bills) are telling us that summer is inching closer and closer. That said, prepare your toes for the scorching temps with a sexy, strappy pair of sandals. Some fashion experts argue about whether one should invest in a flat sandal or heel sandal. Honestly, it's your choice -- as long as your pair is in season (and as long as you make sure to pedicure your toes before "strapping up").

1. Black Boots

There's a reason why boots were made for walkin': A stylish and sturdy pair of black boots is the perfect weather-friendly addition to your starter shoe collection. Ankle-length or thigh-high, black boots have the height of galoshes, good for wading through tall water; the neutrality of black pumps, making them acceptable for wear with multiple outfits; and the style of stilettos, depending on the heel, making them a good every-now-and-again choice for an evening out.

Here's a video further explaining the benefits of having these five shoe staples.

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Altamese Osborne
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