5 Famous Video Game Laughs (That Are Just Other Remixed Laughs)

I remember being in elementary school playing Altered Beasts and being impossibly impressed when the game managed to open with Zeus actually talking to your character. Granted, "Rise from your grave" came out more "Wize Fromage Gay", but compared to what we had before that was a serious step forward.

Video game sound has gone on to including everyone from award-winning A-list Hollywood actors and actress as voice talent to having scripts longer than the freakin' Bible. Dynamic surround sound capabilities reached the ability to help guide a blind kid through Ocarina of Time, and that was on the N64. Truly, we are living in a golden age of sound.

But sometimes... meh. Gamemakers figure that they'll just remix something from a previous game and no one will ever notice. The practice seems especially prevalent when it comes to laughs, and a few famous ones have actually moonlighted their way in several different classic titles.

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