5 Favorite Theme Park Scenes

Now that summer's here, school's out and Astroworld* has probably jacked up the price of its season pass, it's time to head to our favorite amusement parks (riding the Tidal Wave in November is just silly, even in Texas).

Roller coasters, impossible/lame carnival games, and puking blue for like three hours after drinking a huge Icee are a huge part of summertime. Not to mention the long lines, overpriced Big Macs, awkward sitting positions required by some rides and the occasional parental embarrassment. At some point, everyone's dad has to wear black socks with sandals. It's just what they do.

Of course, some dads go even farther and punch a fake moose in the nose. And for the three people in the world who don't know what I'm talking about, here are five of our favorite theme park movie scenes.

*UPDATE: JUNE 9: No, you're not in 2004. I've just been informed that Astroworld closed down quite a while ago. I feel like a bad Houstonian and hang my head in shame. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up (unless you were really happy to see the Viper go).

5. All of Adventureland

4. All of Jurassic Park

3. The water park in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

2. Axel Foley as Okey Dokey in Beverly Hills CopIII

1. Finally reaching Walley World in National Lampoon's Vacation*

*We could only embed the trailer, but to watch the iconic moose-punching scene, click here.

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