5 Franchises That Need LEGO Video Games

I'm a pretty hardcore gamer. I logged more than 200 hours on Xenoblade before grudgingly beating the game. I like massive environments, compelling drama, epic repercussions of adventures, and just in general all the celebrations of the technology and art that make up modern gaming.

I'm also passionately addicted to playing the LEGO series. Let me explain...

If you're an adult with, like, pens and clipboards and stuff at work, sometimes you really don't have the energy to spend on the video-game equivalent of Atlas Shrugged. That's one of the reasons retro-gaming is still so big with people in their 30s and 40s. Being an adult often leaves you wanting to be more like a kid at the end of the day. The LEGO games are that perfect combination of childhood whimsy and ease, combined with puzzles and geekery.

My only complaint is that the games frankly haven't expanded enough. Batman, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are fine, but there are franchises that scream to enter the series. Like...

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James Bond: The video game world pats itself on the back constantly for Goldeneye, as well it should because that game is still one of the best. Here's the thing: That's not an excuse never to make another good Bond game. Considering the fierce competition in the first-person shooter genre, maybe switching over to LEGO is a more viable option. You've got a cast of thousands to choose from, gadgets galore and all kinds of fascinating locales. Plus, there is not a single person on the planet who didn't just think about how fun it would be to kill LEGO bad guys with Odd Job's hat.

The Goonies: The fact that in the current world of '80s nostalgia no one has resurrected The Goonies seems like some sort of clerical error. It remains one of the most beloved of all childhood adventures, and the NES adaptation was actually pretty amazing. A LEGO Goonies taking us through booby-trapped caves, gangster hideouts and pirate ships would be the perfect way to relive the film. If there is a loving God, unlockable characters would include Cyndi Lauper.

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