5 Great Examples of Post-it Notes as Art

Ever since Romy White and Michelle Weinberger invented the Post-it Note, it's gone on to be a staple of office supply. Quick and easy, they're the perfect place to jot down the quick reminder to pick up milk, eggs and drugs and leave it on your significant other's sleeping face.

Then there are people for whom the little yellow squares are windows into the world of art. Here are the five best ones we've come across.

Rebecca Murtaugh

Murtaugh is obsessed with the color and texture of contemporary objects. To her, an office supply store is as much a place for inspiration as a...you know, place to buy office supplies. Here's one of her works using Post-its. It's like an explosion of pastel pointillism.

R. B. Kitaj

Kitaj actually has the record for most valuable piece of Post-it Note art. His charcoal portrait on a Post-it entitled "After Rembrandt" sold at a charity auction for over $1,000. Price of an average pack of Post-it Notes at Staples? $13.

Trish Harnetiaux

Post-it Notes featured very prominently in Harnetiaux's 2003 play Inside the Bigger Box. Darren, an insurance executive, has become obsessed with creating abstract art on Post-its. Eventually, he stages a full-on art show at his company while his wife concocts a plan to gain weight in an attempt to make herself too big to not notice.

Don Hertzfeldt

Thank God for the accessibility of Don Hertzfeldt, because we knew he had done a comic book all in Post-it Notes and yet could not find the thing on the Internet. Luckily he forwarded us a sample of the comic, which appeared in Flight #2. Incidentally, Hertzfeldt is known for giving doodles on Post-its as autographs.


Recently, digital software companies in Seattle have been having a bizarre and wonderful competition. They've taken to trying to outdo each other in Post-it murals placed in their windows. Hands down the winner so far is a company named Filter, who've recreated World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros.

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