5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Almeda Road Corridor

Almeda Road isn't just the street just west of Highway 288 running between Downtown and the Museum District. It is also a cultural and commercial center poised for revitalization. In fact, it is that centralized location near Downtown and the museums that makes Almeda an area to watch and people are watching.

New luxury apartments and multi-use complexes are going up at a rapid pace and many of the once abandoned historic homes are getting facelifts as well. The strip itself, dotted with restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons, and community centers, is already bustling, but this new influx could be a sign that Almeda is an area on the rise. Look out EaDo, Almeda may be the next big thing in Houston real estate.

Here are five hidden shopping gems on the Almeda Road corridor between U.S. 59 and South Macgregor Parkway. Get there before the rest of the world does.

Melodrama Boutique

Owner Jackie Adams in Melodrama
Owner Jackie Adams in Melodrama

Melodrama is not what I would consider a hidden gem, the boutique owned by Jackie Adams has been in existence for more than 12 years and is an anchor in the community. Adams has expanded the store to include a co-op program for up and coming designers looking for retail space.

Remix Fashion

Store owner Sheridan Williams opened her Almeda strip boutique with the intent to serve the women who love to merge vintage and modern clothing. The store is brimming with apparel and accessories for the hot urbanite in us all.

Simply Scents Candle Co

Company owner Shanquita Greggs began nine years ago making candles on her back porch, but now, sells her handmade goods from her intimate candle boutique. If you are into green gifts, Greggs offers a discount to customers who return used containers for recycling.

McQueen's Custom Tailor Shoes and Accessories

Forget off the rack, McQueen's can put you in customized clothing made for you and only you. The store is geared more to menswear, but women's shoes and accessories are also available.

D&B African Village Art

5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Almeda Road Corridor

Founded in 1985, D&B is a family owned shop dedicated to providing the best in African artifacts, and gemstones, textiles, beads and rugs from around the world. The store has two locations in the area, but the Almeda location is the most notable.

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