5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Midtown

5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Midtown

You may be saying to yourself, "Midtown. What's hidden about Midtown?!" The slice of land sandwiched between Downtown, Museum District, and Montrose is teaming with activity, but there are a few spots on the not so beaten path. Fashion wise, the pickings are slim, but I have a few choices that may come as a surprise.

Al's Handmade Boots

Because no area of Houston can be void of a cowboy emporium, I present Al's Handmade Boots. Master Bootmaker Alvaro Rivera creates custom boots and belts, so get creative.

3708 Main Street

5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Midtown
Photo by Cherise Luter

The most hidden of the hidden-est would have to be the vintage shops at 3708 Main. Housing not one, but four vintage stores above The Continental Club, the hot spot for vintage everything has pieces ranging from macabre to glam.

5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Midtown
Photos by Cherise Luter

Shops include....

The Upstairs Lair

The Place Upstairs

Trey's Vintage

DOOM Generation

Just look for a small door leading to a set of stairs (be not afraid). It is the perfect place to seek out unique pieces and enjoy an impromptu guitar solo.

5 Hidden Shopping Gems in Midtown
Photos by Cherise Luter

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