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5 Horrible Lessons Ender's Game Teaches Kids

If you had told me five years ago that Orson Scott Card's incredible novel Ender's Game was finally going to be made into a big budget Hollywood blockbuster ensuring that children all over the world would bask in its brilliant story I would have gone to my knees in thanks for such news. I was a less cynical man then. Being older, I now dread this film for the horrible things it's going to be instilling in the minds of today's youth.

The Military is the Only Important Job, And It's Not Transparent

In the book, children are recruited into the military in order to train them day and night against an alien menace that almost destroyed the Earth the last time they were seen. Only the brightest and best are chosen for service, regardless of their areas of giftedness.

This means that every single child of exceptional intelligence is recruited into the military, which is usually fine with the children since they're indoctrinated from a young age that military service is the only worthwhile contribution someone can really make. Everything revolves around it.

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