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5 Hot Princes Under 30 (Sorry William You Are Too Old)

Ladies, it is time to officially take those photos of Prince William out of your hope chests. He's a goner. For one thing (one big major thing) William is married and just based on the multitude of images captured of the prince and his bride, they seem like they may genuinely like each other. The second, and much more pressing, reason to scratch the prince's name out of your diary is that he's old! 30 years old to be exact.

Today, Thursday, June 21, the young, once rambunctious prince we have watched through the years hits a milestone. He is no longer in his sexy twenties, and his hot factor has just dropped by 20 percent. Even his 30th birthday celebration sounds lame. According to ABC news the prince will be having a "low-key" dinner with his closest lads and his little lady. Boring. You know you are getting old when a quiet dinner is a big night.

Of course, I am joking, being 30 does not make you elderly, but consider this: Being 22 makes you even less than elderly. Now that William is an old fuddy-duddy, you need a new crop of princes to swoon over. Ones that are, preferably, old enough to drink but not yet at the point where gallivanting around town has become trite. You need some young, hot princes to waste your time thinking about. We found some.

5. Alexander, Archduke Of Austria, 21

Saying that this towhead is attractive almost feels like robbing the cradle, but it's probably a really fancy cradle, covered in gold and housed in an Austrian castle somewhere. His parents are Carl Christian, the Archduke of Austria, and Marie Astrid, the Princess of Luxembourg. You would have never thought that visiting Austria would be on your bucket-list, but now you are checking out flights.

4. Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon, 26

Jean-Christophe is, in the eyes of some, heir of the legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte. He's smart too. Jean-Christophe studied economics and math at the Institut Privé de Préparation aux Études Supérieures(IPESUP) in Paris and supposedly works for Morgan Stanley in NYC. Even if the stock market goes belly up, he'll probably be OK considering he's a prince and all.

3. Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg, 20

Prince Sebastien is way too young for us, but we can make some exceptions to the rule. We couldn't help but read that his hobbies include trampoline jumping, which not only confirms he is still a child, it also proves he's awesome.

2. Nicholas Michael de Roumanie Medforth-Mills, 27

Prince Nicolas is the eldest and only son of Princess Elana of Romania and Robin Medforth-Mills. Romania is one of those Southeastern European countries that we imagine everyone walking around with dramatic capes on for some reason. If Prince Nicolas doesn't have a cape that's OK, as long as he has a throne, we're in.

1. Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi, 25

Pierre Rainier is the Prince of Monaco, and wow is he a playboy. The media loves to snap photos of him with the various ladies he runs around town with. Just this past winter, he made headlines for getting into a brawl in a Manhattan nightclub. This prince needs to be tamed. Sign us up.

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