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5 Last-Minute Gifts for the Renaissance Man in Your Life

My first last-minute-shopping-ideas article was for the men shopping for women, but I couldn't help the guys without lending a hand to my girls, too. For those shopping for a gentleman, a man into style, grooming and the finer things in life, he will love one, if not all, of my suggestions. You are welcome, ladies.

Gentleman's Shave Men put on a macho act, but they like to be pampered too. Treat him to a salon service made for him. Men's salons are cropping up all over Houston, including men's only spa The Boardroom Salon (they have memberships too).

Grooming Subs I mentioned beauty box subscriptions in my previous post, but don't think the men are left out of the fun. Men's grooming boxes are available as well, and they have a lot more range than their female counterpoints. Try Birchbox for great grooming gear, the Nicolas Box is the ultimate in men's lifestyle products, or Manpacks and Quarterly Co. for custom boxes.

Some Real Liquor There is liquor and then there is liquor, buy your guy the latter this holiday. If you know the specific brand he loves, visit their website or head over to your nearest liquor mega store and look for the premium product section. Buy him a bottle of the good stuff and finish with a red bow. A few suggestions: Jim Beam Signature Craft, Hennessy Pardis, or Tanqueray No 10.

If he's into beer, get a beer of the month club membership.

Chrome It Out Most anything can be chromed and just about everything has, - see chrome crickets - so think of his favorite things then add the word chrome in the Google search. I found chromed dishes and Leggos.

If you must buy fashion, there is only one option that will work every time, a good a watch.

No matter if he is into creativity (a watch made of wood) or luxury (Hugo Boss), a watch will make him happy.

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