5 Movies from Our Childhood That Should Be Re-released in 3D

This Friday, Disney's The Lion King will be re-released for two weeks in glorious, faddish 3D, 17 years after its summer 1994 debut. Released June 15, 1994, the film would be the most successful movie that year, raking in $783 million, and would go on to spawn a handful of direct-to-video sequels and a hit Broadway musical.

Oh, and Elton John and Tim Rice's music from the film is still some of the catchiest and most evocative stuff to come from a Disney movie that Randy Newman didn't touch. Yeah, hearing "Circle of Life" over industrial space-age theater speakers will rule.

For all my hatred for 3D films and the cash grab involved, I will find myself wearing a pair of those dumb-ass glasses, and ooohing and ahhhing at The Lion King all over again and humming "Hakuna Matata" at the gym. Hell, I may even cry when Mufasa dies like I did back in 1994. I remember drying my eyes into my brand-new Jeff Bagwell jersey distinctly. Shut up.

There is no doubt that Disney and other studios have machinations to re-release more of our childhood favorites back to us in 3D, to cash in on us since we all (should) have disposable income and children now (maybe) to revisit these treasures with.

Plans are already in place for Top Gun, the Star Wars films and Titanic to be trotted back out in the 3D format. Top Gun will be kitschy, Star Wars and George Lucas can eat shit, and as for Titanic, well, be prepared to watch Generation Y making out in the theaters all over again like it's ninth grade.

Personally, I would prefer a 3D re-release way before a remake of something I adored as a kid. Dare say I would pay an extra $5 to see something like Back to the Future in a newfangled format just so I don't need to endure Justin Bieber and Will Ferrell jumping a DeLorean and heading back to 1985. It also seems cheaper than staging a whole new production.

I picked five films I grew up on that I would want to see in 3D. Quite honestly, I wouldn't mind a deluxe Last Action Hero release in 2013, but I am also deranged, and now that Arnold is a social pariah, it probably won't happen. I will just settle for my Blu-ray copy.

Before one of you asks for The NeverEnding Story in 3D, sit tight. It's getting a reboot in 2014, with more elements of the original books being used.

5. The Sandlot

The Beast, Hamilton "Ham" Porter's gut and Wendy Peffercorn's lips. Need I say more?

4. Flight Of The Navigator

It's not as well-known as other '80s kids' flicks, but the flying scenes from this Disney space-ploitation flick from 1986 are ripe for a look on the big screen again. Plus, Paul Reubens's vocal turn as Max, the artificial intelligence flying the ship, is still entertaining 25 years later.

3. Willow

See Val Kilmer when women wanted to be with him, and men did too, but wouldn't admit it in front of their friends! See Warwick Davis's most heartfelt performance, other than Leprechaun! The sword fights, that creepy dragon, the chase scenes, all remastered in glorious faddy 3D! Fun Fact: Did you know that originally Willow writer George Lucas wanted to have an all-dwarf cast for Star Wars?

2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Along with Miss Yvonne, Sexy Spice, Angie Everhart and Reba McEntire (yeah...), Jessica Rabbit helped usher in a brave new world for redheads in the '80s and '90s. Blah blah great animation, Steve Spielberg, we just wanna see huge animated boobs.

1. Home Alone

Because seeing would-be child murderers getting set on fire and racked in the nuts never gets old, and it would maybe stave off a Home Alone 5 or a reboot, with Macaulay Culkin trapped in his Brooklyn flat during a snowstorm without cigarettes or Internet.

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