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5 of TV's Best Road Trips

Road trips are one of the greatest parts about summer. There's nothing better than cruising through some dumpy town that's never seen better days (but has some damn fine pie or barbecue or hamburgers) on your way to the world's biggest ketchup bottle.

They say getting there is half the fun, and it probably is if you're destination is actually the world's biggest ketchup bottle (I've seen it, by the way, and getting there was definitely more than half the fun). After all, what's better than sitting in a hot car smelling your siblings' recycled farts as you careen down the highway blasting the Eagles? Not the world's biggest ketchup bottle, that's for sure.

Hands down, National Lampoon's Vacation and Little Miss Sunshine lead the pack in capturing the tedium and the unnatural, spontaneous joy that can come from a prolonged journey with family, but what about television? In film, the characters live on the road and it's hard to imagine them anywhere else. In television road trips, though, characters are out of their element, providing a whole new platform for character development and plot twists. In honor of the summer, we put together a list of our favorite road trip episodes from TV.

5. "Gilmore Girls Only," Gilmore Girls

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