5 Reasons Slender: The Arrival Didn't Live Up to the Hype

Horror gaming has really undergone a renaissance these days thanks to the increasing ability of indie developers to create and release products. What Tobe Hooper was doing with movies in the '70s, game makers are doing now with games like Amnesia and Five Nights at Freddy's.

So I was delighted to finally get a chance to play Slender: The Arrival on PS4. Birthed from the Internet-generated Slender Man mythos, Slender: The Eight Pages and its remake/sequel took the Internet by storm starting in 2012. I was perfectly happy watching PewDiePie play it, but I'd never really gotten around to trying either game out myself.

So that's the setup, okay? I've been hearing about this game for years and am only just now playing it. I was expecting a horror gaming masterpiece, but now I'm wondering what all the fuss was about.

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