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5 Reasons Working in a Movie Theater Was My Favorite Job

Not a day goes by that I don't read It's a wonderful source of inspiration and bizarre trivia that has led to hundreds of articles I've written, in addition to the fact that the site is just all around amazingly funny. That said, I got a little sad when I read this list of things that are horrible about working in a movie theater.

Not that the list is in any way inaccurate or anything. You do in fact smell like multiple layers of popcorn for pretty much your entire life, people that want a special batch of popcorn with no salt or butter at all are annoying, people are actually just in general annoying, and blah blah blah. It's more or less the same complaints you'd hear from any basic food service job really.

Still, I loved working in movie theaters. I worked in a local four-screen, then when it became a dollar cinema, then a googleplex, then finally as chief of staff at the Landmark River Oaks (My favorite!) for a period of five years. I actually started the process of becoming a union projectionist before digital technology sent that job path down the path of the dodo. Except for this gig, which nets me free video games, access to pretty much anything I want, and a paycheck for writing Doctor Who fan fiction, it was the happiest employment of my life. Because...

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