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5 Video Game Hoaxes That Would Be Really Awesome

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A little while back I fell for an April Fool's Joke played by Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon. He hinted that the oft-rumored crossover between Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct was officially in the works, and I bought it because there have been whispers of NetherRealm studios trying to buy up the defunct fighting franchise for years.

Mostly though, I bought it because it would be really, really fun to play. That's the thing about hoaxes, they tend to show the person being punk'd exactly what they're hoping to see. The thrill of wish fulfillment clouds objective judgment. I read somewhere that you could build Noah's Ark out of all the pieces of Jesus's cross that have been sold over the years. That's the sign of a really good hoax.

I fell for each and every one of the following five, and this article is both my confession and my plea. Someone make these happen.

Resident Evil: Akuma

The Hoax: Video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly is so famous for their April Fool's Day pranks that they have their own section on Wikipedia. Readers know to be very careful when reading the April issue, which doesn't help all that much since some legit news gets confused with the prank as well as vice versa.

It was EGM we have to thank for the character of Akuma because of their 1992 prank claiming that a grueling and near impossible set of criteria would enable you to fight a legendary master named Sheng Long. Not content with just inspiring the creation of Akuma, they went and made him a hoax in 1998. Supposedly by completing the game with A ratings on all the missions using only a handgun and a knife in Resident Evil 2 you could start a new game as Akuma.

Why It Would Be Awesome: Look, Everyone hates fighting Akuma in any Capcom series. The character has always been ridiculously overpowered and is a hallmark of cheap players. The time has come to branch him out, and having him take on a load of zombies is just the thing. The prank mentioned that he threw fireballs instead of using guns, and unlocked any door without a key. How about instead of pissing off every fighting fan in the universe by continuing to include Akuma, we just make his bully ass a special prize for killing zombies?

PS3 Final Fantasy

The Hoax: At the 2005 Electronics Entertainment Expo Square Enix showed off a remake of the opening scene of Final Fantasy VII using the full power of the PS3, and to their credit they said it was just a demo to demonstrate the difference in the system's capabilities.

But then a sentence showed up in the credits of the spin-off film Advent Children thanking the Final Fantasy VII PS3 team. It's thought this was actually a reference to the impending PSN release of the game, but it didn't do anything to dispel the rumors. Nowadays, Square Enix gets asked constantly if a remake is happening, and the answer is never a straight no.

Why It Would Be Awesome: Square already has proof that fans are hungry for epic retoolings of the classics. The DS remake of Final Fantasy IV alone is worth the price of buying the entire system. The PS1 era games introduced players to a story experience previously unrivaled, and they deserve to have a chance to enjoy the fruits of the path they blazed. Can you imagine seeing the death of Aeris rendered in HD graphics complete with voice acting? Speaking of remakes...

Wii U Majora's Mask

The Hoax: Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martínez wanted to pitch a remake of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to Nintendo, and to do so they crafted a trailer that is easily one of the lushest and beautiful things I have ever seen. It's like Treasure Planet beautiful.

Unfortunately they put it out on YouTube this year just as Nintendo was planning on showcasing their new system, the Wii U at this year's E3. The rumor that Belmonte and Martinez's work was actually a leaked trailer for a Wii U title turned a pet project into a frenzy of fan speculation.

Why It Would Be Awesome: The thing that keeps the Zelda franchise strong is how often it gets re-imagined in new and startling ways. Sure, the basics remain the same, but the way the universe is portrayed on different systems gives the basic story a lot of room to stretch. And while I loved Skyward Sword, I will admit that it did feel a little too much like a grown-up version of Ocarina of Time. Something like what you see in this trailer would be a bold new departure, despite being a remake.

Game of Thrones Excel

The Hoax: Artist Roberto Flores loves Game of Thrones and he loves video games. It seemed only natural that the two would collide on his DeviantArt page, but you have to admit he took it in a different direction than anyone could've anticipated. In a series of two works so far, he's shown the characters taking each other on Marvel vs. Capcom style.

The one up there is my favorite, Tyrion with help from Bron, taking on Cersei. He's also got a great one of Drogo fighting Robb Stark.

Why It Would Be Awesome: Actually, it probably wouldn't be. Bitter memories of Shaq Fu and that awful DC Universe fighter on SNES are running through my head as I type this. What I do know is that it would at least be more interesting than the licensed RPG that Atlus is doing. Maybe it'll break the curse of the licensed release, but the odds are not good.

Daleks in Portal

The Hoax: Hey, look! Daleks in white. That's kind of... are they sporting an Aperture Science logo? That's not good. That's very, very not good.

Sadly, the picture is the creation of the Dalek Factor, a website which designs Daleks as they might appear in other fictional universe as a form of pop art. They've got a Futurama one, a Star Wars one, and many awesome others. It's these, though, from the world of Portal that really take the cake... which is a lie, of course.

Why It Would Be Awesome: It's never going to happen in a million years, but if it did it would make perfect sense. The turrets are already halfway to being Daleks anyway, and the race would make the perfect antagonists in a sequel.

Think about it. In this world the Daleks are creations by GLaDOS who eventually overrun the Aperture facility and require that GLaDOS herself take up the portal gun in a jerry rigged body in order to win back control. They could even be grown from the preserved body of Cave Johnson, and could have lemon-based death ray technology.

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