5 Video Games That I Can't Believe Still Don't Have Movies

Let's face it, the concept of a movie adaptation of a video game is one that has had a hard birth. When you can arguably point to Resident Evil as the best work in the genre then there are more than a few problems going on. Sure, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children showed us that a game studio can put out a quality product, but Resident Evil: Degeneration showed us that the opposite can be true as well.

Still, there are games that have enduring legacies and in a sense should be completely unable to mess up as a movie, and yet they are no where to be found. How hard can it be to make...

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Jef Rouner (not cis, he/him) is a contributing writer who covers politics, pop culture, social justice, video games, and online behavior. He is often a professional annoyance to the ignorant and hurtful.
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