5 YA Novels By Rappers and R&B Artists We'd Like to See

So did you hear the one where 50 Cent writes a young adult book about bullying called Playground? No, this one is not a joke. Apparently, 50 wants to explores his inner tween and examine the negative effects that bullying has on young people because of his own troubled past (wasn't it bullets, not bullying?).

Good for him. Rappers and R&B performers should be supporting the youth through other avenues besides their music. Why in the world wouldn't a hip hop star make a good young adult novelist?

We'd like to see more hip hop musicians pen books specifically for the pre-pubescent. Here are the top five YA books we'd like to see:

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"Twilight: Life After Death" by Notorious B.I.G. Because of his deep love of dough, Mr. Smalls (posthumously) should release a book specifically for teenyboppers to cash in on the never-ending vampire craze. In Biggie's YA debut, two blood-suckers from different coasts are plagued by the volatility of having mo' money. This book would inevitably spawn the sequel, "Twilight: Born Again."

"Harry Potter and the Bizarre Ride To the Pharcyde" by Pharcyde Just like the Harry Potter series, the Pharcyde haven't been up to anything in what feels like forever. The chapter titled "Passing Me By" would be about Harry's distress over Hermoine's choice of Ron.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Unfinished Business" by EPMD The newly reunited EPMD know that a good thing is never really over. In their version of the tweenster hit book, the pants are passed between the original members of the Hit Squad and they magically fit everyone, except Hurricane G. "Are You There God's Son? It's Me, Nas" by Nas Nas has always had something of a God complex. In this updated version of the Judy Blume classic, Nas has to deal with the everyday issues of growing up, such as religion, jealousy and trying to justify his own opinions even when the whole world is against him (this sounds just like a Nas album actually).

"From the Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Sasha Fierce" by Beyonce In this re-write, two runaway teens try and crack the case of the missing Sasha Fierce who is said to have been mysteriously killed during an awkward Allure magazine interview.

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