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6 Crazy Mascots From Texas Past

Pop culture is dotted with the ghosts of long vanquished mascot characters that once represented well-loved products, places, and sports teams. In some cases, the original version was reinvented like McDonald's "Evil Grimace" character, originally a four-armed horror that was one of McDonaldland's few bad guys. I guess realizing the original design flaw in introducing a frowning, four armed, purple abomination as part as their brand's attempt at winning the hearts and appetites of children, Grimace was soon changed into a much friendlier creature with a more conventional number of arms.

In other cases, the attraction that the mascot represented just went out of business, presumably sending the character to some form of Limbo where despoiled mascots are sent into exile. Let's take a look back at some of these once beloved characters that hailed from Texas.

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Chris Lane is a contributing writer who enjoys covering art, music, pop culture, and social issues.