666 Park Avenue: Nothing Ruins a Good Party Like a Murderous Ghost

Let's take a stroll back in time. It's October 31, 1929, and the fabulous Drake, the real star of ABC's 666 Park Avenue, is bopping with news of the Wall Street crash. The mystery smoke man, whom we met last week and I know by the name of Roland Pryzbylewski (Jim True-Frost) from The Wire, is alive and apparently guilty of something. His guilt leads him to bash his wife's head in with an ax. But his wife has just enough strength to find her daughter, who went under a bed to hide, and hand her a necklace to "always keep in the family." The daughter is the creepy little girl that Jane keeps seeing, and now I am realizing that this little girl is one of Louie's daughters (on the show). Oddly enough (or not really odd at all but obviously on purpose), Jane is wearing the very same necklace.

Flash-forward and it's Halloween at the Drake, and that means party time, but when is ever not a party at the Drake? As Olivia Doran gets ready for the party, she and husband Gavin stroll down the street. While Olivia deals with a phone call from the caterers, Gavin gets the awesomest text message of all time: "You're going to pay for everything you've done." Who knew they had cell service in the ninth circle of hell?

Meanwhile, Henry is getting some props for being a hero in last week's mayoral shindig, attracting the attention of all types of ladies, including a media person who "can just tell" that Henry is destined for greatness. What is it about this guy that everyone thinks is so spectacular? I mean, he is hot and all, but...

Across the hall, playwright Brian walks into his apartment to find his wife topless with another man. No, it's not what you think. He's a doctor and she's just addicted to pain meds.

At the big Halloween soiree, Jane (dressed as Tippi Hedren from The Birds) falls victim to an errant elbow and a martini is dumped on her outfit. It's a lame way to get her out of the party and back into her apartment; it's just vodka, you're not going to melt. Or are you?

The little girl is there, whispering about letting "him out." Perhaps this little girl can only speak in very quiet decibels. The suitcase that the girl has been so fearful of and that Jane has been struggling to get open is now magically unlocked. But before you can say, "Why do you not think it's weird that the suitcase you've been trying to unlock for two weeks is suddenly open?" smoke man shows up with ax in hand.

Jane knows all about him; remember, someone left her an article about the murder on her floor a few weeks back. Just as he tries to kill her, the lights go out and this scares him. Even mystical, murderous illusions are afraid of the dark. The cause of the blackout is several men wearing gas masks. They are after Gavin and whatever it is that he's been hiding -- the fact that he's the devil, and some inverted pentagram-like seal, which is stolen from his safe. This can't go anywhere good.

Smoke guy, who is actually quite frightening, corners Jane. He smashes his ax into the wall, and who should come out but the murder of crows that have been hiding in the building! What good timing those birds have.

With all this murdering and blackouts and gas masking, the Halloween party has totally gone to hell, and not in a good way. And did those caterers ever show up?

This episode was pretty freaky. There's nothing scarier than a ruined party.

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