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666 Park Avenue Only Getting Crazier and More Awesome

The sophomore episode of the creepy-crawly 666 Park Avenue aired last night and if our own Craig Hlavaty didn't nail this puppy on the head or what: this show may be the greatest thing to happen to primetime television.

There's nothing better than a show about rich people, especially when they are eeeevillll. Those damn one percenters and their wicked ways.

Last week we learned that the previous building manager of the haunted, yet fabulous, Drake building was sucked into a wall Poltergeist style. His replacement came in the form of naïve up-and-coming couple, Jane (Rachael Taylor) and Henry (Dave Annable). The episode opens with Jane taking stock of the newly opened apartment when she hears a noise coming from inside of the wall. She is not privy to what we know - the wall will eat you -- so she starts picking at it, making a large hole. And who does she think is going to pay for that?

Surprisingly, the rumble in the wall is not brimstone and hellfire but a flock of birds. An entire flock of black birds flies out of the wall, and rather than running for her life or to the insane asylum, Jane decides they should call an exterminator.

Later on, she and Henry get dolled up for a fancy-pants party with the building owners the Dorans, who are evil by the way. Amidst the chitchat not one person says, "Holy crap, did anyone see that flock of 100 birds fly through the building?"

Little by little, accompanied by a sinister piano playing, the show reveals tidbits about the inhabitants of the ghostly Drake building. Young Nora knows about the birds and she may also be a soothsayer. Photographer, Louise, and her peeping-Tom husband, Brian, may sue the Dorans for the people-eating elevator that Louise was trapped in. The potential lawsuit puts everyone in a weird position, especially considering that the Dorans might be the devil incarnate.

Jane has a dream about a murder at the Drake and comes home to find an envelope waiting for her with an old clipping about the exact murder she dreamed about! While the coincidence is odd, Jane doesn't think its odd at all that she found an envelope with an old newspaper lying on her floor. That fact, she is totally cool with.

Jane and Henry have the Dorans over for pot-roast and, in addition to the awkward conversation about murder and (oh no they din't ask) when the couple was tying the not, the directors of this episode made an undoubtedly conscience decision to keep changing Jane's shirt between takes. Poor prop master or purposeful malevolence? I think the latter.

Anywho, there's not just one murder that's happened at the Drake, there's been quite a few, and Jane is coming to realize that her nightmares are not nightmares at all but awakemares!

But wait, there might be something else going on here because Gavin Doran makes a haphazard comment about Henry being a "hero." Could Gavin really be a good guy, like God or something? Is 666 Park Avenue a television version of The Devil's Advocate but with better acting? What the hell is going on with this show and why does anyone live in this building, considering the fact that there is a flock of birds living in the walls?

Two questions remain: is it a co-op and what are the monthly fees?

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