666 Park Avenue: Please Tell Us What is Going On Already

Many amazing things happened in 1998, Japan launched a probe to Mars, the Second Congo War began, Frank Sinatra passed away and Nona from 666 Park Avenue was born in an elevator at the maniacal Drake building. Now, 14 years later, she is a young kleptomaniac living with her mute grandmother, her mother long gone. Mom was warned to stay out of the building by her own mother and wouldn't you know it that crazy elevator, that has almost killed several people now, can also induce labor!

This week's 666 Park Avenue opened up with some back-story about Nona's history, whether you really care or not. What we still do not know is how her mute grandmother can afford to pay rent at a swanky Park Ave. high rise or who goes to her granddaughter's parent-teacher conferences.

Remember when Nona warned Jane that someone was going to try and kill Henry and Henry wound up saving the mayor or governor or someone like that? Now Henry is a hero and like all heroes in New York City, he is worthy of some political position. There is a snag in the plan: Jane. She wants out, and she wants to go far far away from anything remotely related to New York or the Drake. So what's a guy to do when his girlfriend wants to leave him - ask her to marry him of course!

Meanwhile, remember the Russian spy, Kandinsky, who was arrested for the attempted murder of someone? He was sent to jail but wound up in the ER where Gavin's go-to doctor, Dr. Evans, the one who owes him his life, is working. Fast-forward to a gross scene where Dr. Evans plants a scalpel in the Russian's body and we've got a Russian who will eventually escape and/or stick a scalpel into somebody's neck.

Random thought: Imagine having an elevator open up right into your apartment? That would be nice.

Olivia Doran catches wind that Henry is going to propose and she takes him to a Zales, or no, it's like a real fancy ring shop somewhere in Manhattan. Oddly enough, all of the rings that Henry picks out cost roughly three grand, which is certainly not true and the doing of Olivia.

I know that Henry is sort of innocent and cute and all, but would you ever let a woman that you've known for a month help pay for the engagement ring you are buying? Oh, you would? Oh, OK, no judgment.

Gavin has Kandinsky, who broke out because of that scalpel we knew would wind up in someone's neck, working for him now and nothing good can come of that. What else can nothing good come from? Brian, the playwright, telling Henry that nothing good happens when you are married. He knows this well because he thinks his wife has cheated on him with her pill pusher, and the fact that he is banging his wife's assistant.

Nona opens up to Jane about her grandmother being mute and the fact that this happened because she is a tenant of the Drake. Hello? Move out. Move out!

Nona shows Jane a snapshot of herself as a child in the lobby of the Drake. She is shocked. "This is me?" Jane ponders. No it's another girl that used to look exactly like you. Am I alone when I say that all of this family connection is pissing me off? Let Jane just go move to wherever it is that what she wants to go so badly.

And then there is this stolen box that the Dorans are so desperate to get back and the strange man Shaw who has it for some unknown reason. This Shaw guy is a tough nut to crack. Why does he hate Gavin so much? Is it just because he is a diabolical murderer? What's so bad about that? He also helps people, let's not forget.

This was a pretty good episode and I feel like we're going to really really soon figure out what the hell is going on in this show. But I could be wrong and it could just keep going nowhere, which would be fine with me.

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