666 Park Avenue: Why Do You Still Live in This Building?

Jane's starting to looooooose it.

After last week's deadly Halloween party, everybody at the infamous Park Avenue high rise, The Drake, is on edge, especially Jane. But when she goes to show the police officers investigating her case the elevator shaft where an ax almost chopped off her head, it appears that the lift hasn't been used in years. Somebody's going crazy and it's awesome. Awesome in like the police officers ask Henry that inevitable question: "Has anyone in her family ever suffered from mental illness?" Yeah, I bet she's got some Looney-Tunes in her bloodline.

The Halloween party also left Gavin Doran's safe bare. Recall that a enigmatic Masonic-looking box was stolen during the party. What's in the box? Who knows, but if you open it you will die like the guy who stole it. The box is apparently worth $3 million to someone, which doesn't seem like all that much assuming the box is like magic or something. Evil magic, like the Wicked Witch of the West.

The guy who paid the guy who died for opening the box is a gentleman named Shaw and he's got some vendetta against Gavin. I bet it's over some chick or maybe the fate of the world or something. Shaw approaches Gavin's wife Olivia and challenges her to question her relationship. Her husband is not the guy she thinks he is, but then again, whose husband is, really? I think that mine is really a CIA agent.

Question: How long does chloroform stay in your blood system? Because according to this show, it can be picked up on a blood test over a week later. That seems odd.

The doctor in the building, the one who was giving out benzos to Louise the pill popper, is offered 50 grand by Gavin for pretty much no reason and he immediately blows it on a horse race. He's got a gambling problem. And now he's got an even bigger problem because he is indebted to Gavin, and if we've learned anything by this point, it's that when you accept a favor from Gavin, you're probably going to die.

Henry is beginning to think Jane is nuts. He finds her looking for apartment listings in Brooklyn! On Craigslist! He is totally going to dump her, especially now that she has told him that she sees dead people.

A guy who does not think she's crazy is the police detective working on the case. He too has seen a ghost in his life. Oh, so you are both wackjobs.

Okay, we finally know what's in this illusive box -- it's Olivia Doran's past, and not the one where she posed for Penthouse. Apparently it's an old flame or something who is so "dangerous" they had his soul locked up in this box. Uh, that's ridiculous and unbelievable, but then again much of this show -- but in the best way possible.

Jane tells Henry she needs to get out of the Drake, to which he replies, "Fine, let's go to Jersey. I hear the real estate is really cheap there now." (Too soon?) This is not exactly what she has in mind; she wants to go back to her hometown in Indiana. Henry has his sights set on a big fancy government job in New York, so this is going to put a bit of a damper on their relationship.

In the very last scene of the episode, Jane is examining the picture of the murdered family in 1929, the one with the little girl who is now a ghost who is constantly bugging her. Despite having pored over this picture about 100 times already on this show, she just now realizes that the mother in the picture is wearing the same necklace as hers! Out loud for no one but us to hear, Jane realizes that this woman is her grandmother!

Wait a second, your grandmother was axed by your grandfather in the very apartment building you live in and you had no idea? Are you telling me that when you were a little kid, you were never like, "Oh, mom, how did grandma die?" And your mother was never like, "Well, Jane, my dad bashed her head in with an ax while I hid under her bed and watched her bloody corpse fall to the ground. That's why we don't ever have Christmas at nana and popop's. And it happened in New York in this big high-rise; oh, you are moving to NY? To a building called The Drake? What a coinkydink; that's where my mom was murdered by my father!" And has she never seen pictures of her mother as a child? Did I miss something here?

Or did this plot just go to the dark side like Jane's eyebrows?

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