6th Annual Houston Fringe Festival

The annual Houston Fringe Festival, now in its sixth year, is one of the most popular performing arts events every season. Top of the not-to-miss list this year is Red Rocket Burlesque's Soul-Sucking Panties (October 3 and 4 at Frenetic Theater). A combination of traditional burlesque and vaudeville, Panties mocks modern cultural norms. Heidi von Hoop (Heather Mia) and Mistress Mimi (Meredith Spies) make up Red Rocket Burlesque. They developed Soul-Sucking Panties after trying to wrangle their curvaceous forms into a pair of Spanx (tummy-tucking panties) in a futile attempt to conform to conventional beauty standards for a photo shoot. ''The panties literally sucked out my soul that day,'' said Heidi.

Also in the lineup is an innovative dance performance called Aquaria, choreographed by Maggie Lasher, which explores the motions of the undersea world. ''I have always been interested in making dances that involve creating a world in which the dancer creatures can exist, and I am constantly inspired by the movement of animals,'' said Lasher. ''In the past, I have done a lot with reptiles, mammals and birds, but I have never done ocean life.'' Theater, music, dance and improv performances are on the schedule. Various times and dates.

Through October 6. Various locations, including Frenetic Theater, 5102 Navigation. For a complete schedule, call 832-426-4624 or visit freneticore.net. $10 to $90.
Oct. 2-6, 2013

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