7 Games We Wish Nintendo Would Give the DS Treatment

Nintendo is kind of at a crossroads at the moment. First off, the Wii U seems very underwhelming to us as the next big thing for the legendary game company, completely scrapping the model of in-person interactive play that it re-pioneered with the Wii. Also, the 3DS is showing the world what we've been saying for the last five years. Namely, that 3D gives you a headache and is only fun when an eyeball is shooting out at you.

In all honesty, the game system we're still the happiest with is our DS. Nintendo has consistently stayed on top of the game when it comes to portable gaming technology. The original Game Boy sold almost 120 million copies, and that's just the original 8-bit monochrome version. The DS has already topped that. Granted, sometimes you get disappointing handheld versions of awesome games like Ghostbusters and some of the Lego series, but it's more than made up for by the Final Fantasy re-releases, Professor Layton and all things Mario.

Re-releases are something the DS does best. Gamers are constantly looking for ways to experience the great games of the past on new systems that more fully flesh out the experience. In our opinion, Nintendo could really be utilizing this market better. We'd like to suggest some games that could really use updating on the DS.

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