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7 Of the Strangest Vending Machine Items

It seems that you can find just about anything these days in a vending machine, soda, chips, a copy of the Rosetta Stone Language Series on CD, a charger for your iPhone, mashed potatoes... Mashed potatoes?

As reported by our sister paper at the New York Village Voice, among various other media sites, mashed potatoes are a popular mainstay amongst Singapore 7-Elevens. So alongside your cherry slushy, you can get a side of the tuberous crop mashed and covered in home style gravy. Yummy. If the traditional Thanksgiving side plopping out of a vending machine isn't weird enough for you, the world was also recently shock and awed by a Minnesota dive bar that has a vending machine stocked with pregnancy tests. Assumingly the idea behind this little piece of genius is to stop yourself from drinking in the event that you might give your unborn fetus fetal alcohol syndrome. Pee on the little white stick and find out if you can have that fifth margarita or not. Ladies, if you are taking a pregnancy test in the bathroom of a bar in Minnesota you have many more problems than just a potential baby.

These items may seem odd coming out of a dispenser, but they are actual rather tame. We dug around the interwebs and found some pretty random vending machine items.

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Abby Koenig
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