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9 Fall Trends for People With No Extra Time & Limited Cash, Like Me

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Last week, The Galleria hosted a fashion extravaganza to launch the new Fall season. Simon Malls invited Vogue, GQ, and Glamour magazine reps and local bloggers to host a huge fashion show and trends presentation for guests. Everything was quite impressive and the clothing was, of course, superb, but as I was marveling at the fashion, I began thinking, "Ok, how does a regular Jane like me do this?" I do not have a million dollar job - though I absolutely love working for the Houston Press :-) - so my shopping budget is itty-bitty and I have a toddler hanging off of me everyday, groceries to shop for, and errands to run. I live in the real world, so my clothes have to as well.

So, I boiled all the trends down to a solid must see list, then translated that into pieces the everyday person can find, afford and wear - and get chocolate pudding splattered on. Each piece is under $50 and captures the look for a lot less stress.


Probably the easiest trend to adopt, just wear all the same color or various shades of the same color. Any color will do, but there is always good ole black or maybe blue.


Most designers presented the mod trend as a short short mini dress with boots or flats, but I retired my mini dress ages ago. Try fitted pants with a mod top (see below) and flats.

Metallic Shimmer

Hear me out. You do not need to wear head to toe gold glitter - or skin tight gold leggings like above, just a small touch here and there. A low key top or scarf would work.

Athletic Inspired Slacks

Forget the satin finish and pick a simple fabric in your favorite color. Add a tunic top or fun sweatshirt and high top sneakers or flats. Voila!


Also known as grandma chic. I'm thinking a trip to a Montrose resale shop for a few oversize sweaters would be your best bet. No cardigans, must be chunky knit.

Flannels & Plaids

While you are at that resale shop, look for a flannel shirt, skirt, jacket, etc. Any option will do. Match with simple slim fit pants to ward off looking too grunge.

Chunky Knits with Flirty Skirt

Ok, so this is the look for evening this fall. A slouchy sweater with a flirty skirt peeking out from underneath. Not completely low maintenance, but better than skin tight gold leather pants.


If you can't do this I can't help you. Grab your favorite denim, add another piece of denim and cute boots, done! Get snazzy with a belt buckle or even a hat.

For Guys - New Dressy Casual

Special note for the guys, dressy casual. Match your favorite cargo pants (not shorts) and hoodie with a blazer and call it a trendy day.

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