9 Looks for Memorial Day Weekend and Beyond

Some people still chain themselves to age old fashion rules like wearing stockings with dresses and matching your shoes to your purse. I and most of the free world threw that and a few other fashion rules out of the window years ago, especially the whole white on Memorial Day regulation.

The last Monday in May is a day of remembrance and celebration, so the nation should be comfy and stylish. You will be engaging in some serious BBQ handling and hammock lounging, so your clothes need to be well suited. Here are nine look ideas courtesy of a few Houston based retailers and inspired by the latest summer trends.

Maxi Skirt The little cousin of the maxi dress has made a comeback this season. Pair with a tank for a dressy casual look.

Sundress Alternative Look for something that is a little different than the normal summer dress and make sure it has a lot of color.

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Cross Body Bag Perfect for that after lunch stroll or to help you keep track of your phone after that last daiquiri.

Floppy Hat Gotta protect yourself from those UV rays.

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Cut-offs and Tank Top The cut-off short is pretty much the mascot for summer and the tank keeps you looking and feeling cool.

Simple Sandals Pick leather with simple styling and you will be wearing these for many summers to come.

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Hair Scarf So chic with a maxi skirt.

Statement Jewelry Pick one piece and stop there. You don't want to look like an extra from Moulin Rouge.

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Tunic with Comfy Pants The easiest breeziest outfit you can wear.

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