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'90s TV Stars We'd Rather See Strip Than Joey Lawrence

It's official. The world has just jumped the shark. In an effort to remain relevant (?), Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame will be taking it all off for Chippendales at the Rio in Las Vegas. The actor will swing his thing around from June 7 through June 24, if you want to book a flight right now.

You may now file this under useless information that you didn't need to know anything about. Lawrence was always something of a ladies' man, even with the bad mullet. As of late, there have been pictures of him surfacing across the Internet looking shirtless and buff. He certainly has the right to be proud of his figure. That being said, stripping? Really, Joey Lawrence, don't you have better career moves to be making? Why not try and resurrect your singing career instead?

There are so many other washed-up '90s television heartthrobs that could use the work and need those dollar bills shoved into their G-strings.

Here are our top eight '90s TV stars we would rather see stripping than Joey Lawrence.

8. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

JTT, where are you? JTT was a huge hit with the tween crowd during his tenure at Home Improvement. Girls were just gaga over him, like dirty-talk-at-slumber-parties gaga. As of late, he hasn't been up to a whole heck of a lot, although there have been murmurs of a triumphant comeback. We say, give stripping a try! Show the world that there is so much more to you than just those baby blues.

7. Kevin Sorbo

Sorbo starred as the heroically sexy Hercules in the '90s television show of the same title. Sorbo was so hot he had his own action figure. Strippers always seem to come ready with a costume and character, which already gives Sorbo a leg up on the competition. He can just wear leftover costumes from the Hercules show that he most definitely still keeps in his closet. Plus, ladies who go to strip clubs tend to dig dudes with long, flowing hair.

6. Corin Nemec

Corin Nemec keeps trying to make a go at it in the biz, but he will never be able to shake his career-defining role as the wily, patterned shirt-wearing, "not a problem"-saying Parker Lewis. His stripper costume practically writes itself, nothing but a synchronized Swatch watch and whatever the good Lord gave him.

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