A Last Look at the People of San Diego Comic-Con 2014

After a long day of walking around the con, your feet get to the point where you just can't take anymore. This is especially when you're cosplayer in heels or a photographer lugging around a bunch of equipment. It was time to find an alternative method of getting around.

Taxis have a hard time getting through the thick traffic around the convention center, so we grabbed a pedicab. We were fortunate to end up with Justin, a pedicab driver who was a whole lot of fun. By far, this was the way to travel during Comic-Con.

Once Justin saw the big camera and found out we were covering SDCC as media, he decided to help out by stopping and letting our photographer shoot photos along the way. In the meantime, I shot video on my iPhone.

Check out the video of our journey and share in the smiles and waves that delighted us along the way. A huge thanks goes out to Marian Call for sharing her music with us. While Marian's journey goes from North to South and ours runs East to West, our feelings about the annual pilgrimage to San Diego run just as deep.

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