A Legend, a Winner, Rain and Sunshine: The Top 10 Photos of the Week

We here at the Houston Press have long believed that some of the best photographers in the world live right here in Houston. Between the slideshows and blogs we publish and the images you share with us in our Flickr Pool, we see tons of amazing photos every week, and this is our chance to celebrate our favorites.

This week's photos include the return of a comedy legend, nature at its best, a different look at light and dark, and more.

Funnel Tunnel
Photo by Arie.

Yes, we're still in love with the Funnel Tunnel.

One of our many awesome Houston Theater Award winners.

Minute Maid Park - Houston, TX
Photo by Kelly Reed.

We're slightly jealous of the sunsets this sign gets to see. You know, if it had eyes and what not.

That chicken always hated that saying about frying pans and fires.

Angles Of Light I
Photo by Mabry Campbell.

This photo reminds us of awesome sci-fi movies.

They're serious artists, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to appreciate a good glow stick.

Miso Soup - Taiko
Photo by Michael Shum.

We sure do get hungry putting this blog together.

Way through Storm !
Photo by Tanmay Shende.

Nature rules.

This is how you remind people that you are, in fact, larger than life.

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