A Very Special Fourth of July Meme of the Week

Strike up the band, beat the tattoo, unfurl the flag and light some illegal fireworks: It's the Fourth of July, the day on which we celebrate our separation from Britain. For a lot of us, this means grilling up some dogs and burgers, playing frisbee and drinking hella beer. Here at Art Attack, we thought we'd celebrate our 235th year of independence, not by spending time with family or spending time outdoors, but by laughing it up with all our indoorsy friends on Facebook chat with these hilarious memes based on the iconic Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze painting Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Sure, today commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and not Washington's victory at the Battle of Trenton, but the fact is, there are more (and funnier) memes that exist on the Delaware crossing painting than the famous signing of the Declaration painting by John Trumbull (with one notable exception):

Happy Fourth, y'all.

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