Abby Koenig's Spaghetti Code Gets Its World Premiere...and It's Going to Be Messy

Playwright and frequent Houston Press contributor Abby Koenig tells us her latest work, the black comedy Spaghetti Code, was inspired by but not exactly based on her own life. Like the couple in the play, Koenig and her husband struggled for years with infertility. Unlike the couple in the play, Koenig and her husband didn't resort to extreme measures.

A Horse Head Theater production, Spaghetti Code is making its world premiere PJ's Sports Bar. In the play, a woman, desperate for a baby, arranges for her husband and best friend to conceive a child, the natural way (with sex and everything). Nothing could go wrong with that plan, right?

Koenig tells us the woman's desperation, if not her plan, is not unlike her own experience. "You spend most of your waking moments thinking about babies," Koenig says. "And you start to blame yourself. Every little thing you did or do you question if it is affecting your fertility. You become, kinda crazy. It's a slow boil though, but all of a sudden I found myself trying anything. Like, drinking fertility shakes with bee pollen, I'm not kidding."

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Olivia Flores Alvarez