Abstract Is "The New Black"

"The New Black: Contemporary Concepts in Color and Abstraction" is chock full of just that - color and abstraction. Organized by Sally Sprout, the show features Michael Guidry's otherworldly, hard-edged, tape-intensive paintings. Filled with fractured, glacier-like forms, they evoke alien landscapes.

Jonathan Leach is also a heavy tape user, employing it to create his boldly colored, highly geometric forms. Executed over multiple joined canvases and thick slabs of Plexiglas, Leach's bright, often Day-Glo paintings rival Peter Halley's for lurid intensity. Meanwhile, Myke Venable is joining his monochrome paintings together, turning the works themselves into compositions, and Katherine Veneman is offering up abstraction of a more lyrical nature with layers of swirls, lines and planes of color that reveal the hand -- and brush -- of the artist.

Through November 26. Williams Tower Gallery, 2800 Post Oak Blvd., 713-939-1444.

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