ACK! Takes Over Jenni's Noodle House

If you are just about to the point of Christmas decoration overload and even the most ridiculous looking blow-up snowman inside a snow globe doesn't make you crack a smile, head over to Jenni's Noodle House in the Heights for something totally different. Look up and you will see a recently constructed, 14-foot "holiday" installation piece atop the roof.

You might recognize the guy in the party hat slurping up a bowl of Jenni's hot noodles as the signature character of Houston graffiti artist ACK! ACK!'s work can be seen all over town on the sides of buildings and abandoned lots. Putting up a giant, billboard-sized creation is new territory for the artist, who usually does his best to keep a low profile.

Jenni (of Jenni's Noodle House) decided that in lieu of traditional holiday decorations or a big Christmas promotion, she would commission a local artist who she felt represented the creative and inspired community that the Houston Heights is.

"Jenni's Noodle Houses are more than just restaurants; they are about supporting the neighbors, customers and organizations that surround each establishment," Jenni tells us. Additionally she says that "ACK! is not only a friend, but an artist that we admire."

The piece will only be on display for the next six weeks, so make sure you get a good look-see before it's torn down and Jenni's roof goes back to being just that...a roof.

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