Adrienne Warren Adds Cheerleading Stunts to Her Repertoire

Last time out, actress Adrienne Warren was touring in a revival of Dream Girls and before that she was in The Wiz. Now she's hitting the boards in Bring It On: The Musical, a show in which dancing, singing and acting just isn't enough. You have to do stunts. Because this is about cheerleaders.

"These people have to be athletes," Warren told Art Attack. And while she grew up in an athletic family -- mom and dad were coaches and she ran track and played basketball -- she'd never done anything like this before.

But to play Danielle in the Theatre Under the Stars production starting tonight, she had to learn stunts, she said.

"You have to really trust your castmates," she said. And even though it was scary at first, she said she has it down now and "it feels as simple as any dance move -- to be comfortable that high up in the air."

Warren echoed writer Jeff Whitty's earlier comments to Art Attack that despite all the high flying, this show's injury rate hasn't been any higher than any other production. "And we have an amazing physical therapist who travels with us. So far so good."

"I really think this show appeals to all ages," Warren said. "This is a show about kids growing up and learning to be comfortable in their own skin. It's not just about cheerleading and two teams going to nationals and hashing things out. It's about friendship and being true to yourself."

Theatre Under the Stars' production of Bring It On: The Musical runs January 24 through February 5 at the Hobby Center, 800 Bagby. For ticket information call 713-558-8887 or go to

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