Adult Entertainment Expo Or Comic-Con? You Decide

Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith and Shannon Cottrell

San Diego's annual Comic-Con is internationally known as a bastion of film industry intrigue and excitement where fans and journalists alike can lap up the first tastes of some of Hollywood's hottest sci-fi and action properties. You can meet some of your favorite stars and buy collectibles along the way, much like the recent Comicpalooza here in Houston.

Las Vegas's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is sort of the same thing, except instead of standing in line to meet Butch Patrick from The Munsters or Game of Thrones scribe George R.R. Martin, you can stand in line to shake hands and breasts with porn stars of every size and shape, like Jesse Jane, Mason Moore or Alexis Texas. You can even have Lisa Ann sign your game-used Fleshlight.

Of course both crowds for each event intersect a little, par for the course.

Looking at pictures from both events, your eyes begin to glaze over from cleavage, makeup, and ill-fitting costumes and corsets. But if we were to put all of the photos we have in a lineup, could you differentiate between nerdy paradise and Boner Town, USA? The latter is not a real place, BTW.

Here are a few photos from each convention mixed in together. At the end I will tell you which one is from Comic-Con and which one is from the AVN Expo. Good luck!

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Craig Hlavaty
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