Aging Gracefully: Seven Over-Fifty Female Celebrities Show Us How It's Done

When it comes to beauty, Hollywood can be a depressing place to find your reference. Attempts to stay young through bad plastic surgery transform beautiful faces into odd masks of their former selves -- Meg Ryan, Priscilla Presley, and Daryl Hannah come to mind as examples of beautiful women who tweaked themselves into uncomfortable-looking new faces. Men aren't exempt from the pressure to remain young -- just ask Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, or Mickey Rourke.

So when we ran across this CNN article spotlighting an older generation of beauty bloggers who are focused on aging gracefully -- and in style -- we were pretty inspired. One of the best things about any beauty blog is the reality of it; the women testing makeup and skincare products, or shopping for great fashion finds aren't supermodels or the usual suspects of heavily-styled heavy-hitters from the red carpet. Beauty and fashion bloggers are women (and, occasionally, men) who simply love fashion and use it to express something about themselves to the world.

One thing we do take exception to from the article is the idea that there aren't any Hollywood actresses who are true, relatable beauties. That's just not true, and we have compiled a list of beautiful Hollywood actresses -- no one under 50-years-old allowed --who inspire us, as much with their timeless beauty as with their dedication to maintaining a moveable forehead.

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Christina Uticone