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Air Sex Championships at Fitz's (w/ sNSFW VIDEO)

Check out our slideshow of the Houston Air Sex Championships

I got a lot of puzzled looks when I told people I was going to cover the Houston Air Sex Championships at Fitzgerald's last night. Don't pretend like you've never played air guitar or air drums. Well, air sex is the same thing: making love to an imaginary object of passion.

The competition was sponsored by The New Movement, an improv comedy conservatory based in New Orleans, Houston and Austin, and was hosted by New Movement co-founder Chris Trew. Trew explained the rules: "You either have to be fucking, or working towards fucking, someone or something invisible." That means foreplay! It also means you can't just get up onstage and dance all sexy-like, as was the case with one female contestant whom Trew had to keep reminding to return to the task at, ahem, hand.

New Movement teaches improv workshops, puts on comedy tours and other theatrical events, but Lisa Friedrich, a member of New Movement Houston, said most of the performers last night were not NM members. "Which was really awesome."

About seven performers competed in the first round last night. They were eliminated by a table of three judges, all New Movement members, and during the second round, audience members voted for the ultimate winner. His name is Frimmy, and you can see him Bumpin' and Grindin' in the video below (he's the dude in the purple basketball shorts).

The evening also featured an exhibition performance (pun intended) by New Orleans Air Sex winner "Extreme Dad." Dad and Frimmy will go on to compete in the Air Sex finals in Austin later this year.

Check the video, but beware, it's somewhat NSFW.

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