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Alamo Drafthouse Moves Into Angelika (So Says Facebook)

Downtown's dark days are almost over.

On December 7, we told you about a sign in the Angelika Film Center's former box-office window stating that a new theater would soon be coming to Bayou Place (one reader commented that the sign had been there since the theater's August closing).

Well according to this Facebook group page, the Angelika will be replaced with an Alamo Drafthouse, that Austin-based chain of movie-pubs.

We want to believe.

Created by Lindsay Manford, the group page is meant as an exercise in positive thinking, that if enough people collectively imagine it, the deal will actually go down.

Manford urges potential group-thinkers/members to "get over" the Angelika's closing, even though its loss is "crippling to downtown."

And then she socks us right in our sweet spot with just the kind '80s-movie reference we needed to believe again.

"Due to the glacial and often misguided pace/strategy of downtown rejuvenation, we need to take a stand. Not unlike Turbo and Ozone did in Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Let's save the community center, people."

Click. Member.

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Troy Schulze
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