Alamo Drafthouse Soliciting Your PSAs About Movie Etiquette

There are few things more annoying than going to a movie and having to sit in front of some loudmouth going on and on during the film. Horror flick, comedy, you name it, there's nothing cool about talking while a movie is going on. I once had the unfortunate circumstance of sitting next to a couple who talked (very loudly) and laughed throughout the entire movie Precious. She's getting beat and raped by her mom, c'mon!

The good people at Alamo Drafthouse also apparently hate moviegoers who flap their gums. They hate you types so much that they have launched a contest called "Don't Talk Or Text During Movies," asking regular folk to submit a video to help promote proper movie etiquette.

Got a camera? A phone? Shoot your own PSA to encourage the end of this awful behavior. The PSAs will be hosted on Badass Digest and there will be winners in each Alamo market (so that means Houston). Winners from each market will receive a $200 Alamo gift card and one big winner will take home a $1,000 Visa card.

Check out the official rules here, but get cracking because the deadline is November 21.

If you want to shoot a PSA about how messed up it is to laugh during the movie Precious, it's all yours.

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