Alamo Drafthouse's Vintage Park Grand Opening Week To Feature Jason Schwartzman

Alamo Drafthouse is opening up its new Vintage Park location with a series of quirky (natch) film selections this week, plus bringing a bit of indie-film royalty into the mix to celebrate one of the best movies filmed in the Houston area.

The new seven-screen theater has a total of 565 seats, with each screen coming with Sony 4K Digital Cinema Projection, which means the picture is pretty. Two of the screens have 35mm projectors for classic films.

"Not a bad seat in the house exists. Guests can sit on the end of the front row and still have an incredible view of the entire screen," says a press release.

On Monday, February 11, actor Jason Schwartzman is coming to the Alamo for the screening of his 1998 film Rushmore, which has become one of the most beloved movies to be filmed in Houston. He will introduce the movie and no doubt relate some tales from making the Wes Anderson classic.

This would be a grand time for Bill Murray to randomly show up in Houston to finally shut up every hipster in town.

Other Houston-made flicks coming to the Alamo screen during their maiden week include the Oscar-winning Terms Of Endearment and the Dolph Lundgren alien caper I Come In Peace.

I can see not being able to snag Jack Nicholson or Shirley MacLaine to introduce Terms, but what the hell is Mr. Lundgren doing that precludes him from coming to Houston?

For the theater's Valentine's Day grand opening, they are showing the girly Baz Luhrmann-directed staple Moulin Rouge, which stars Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. It's touted as a sing-along show, and comes with a live burlesque set by the Houston Burlesque Revue.

On Friday, February 15 in honor of the release Bruce Willis' new Die Hard film A Good Day to Die Hard, the Alamo will be showing three other as-of-yet-unannounced Bruce Willis flicks.

So it could be Look Who's Talking, 12 Monkeys, and Armageddon. You just never know.

My money is on the three films actually being three consecutive showings of Hudson Hawk.

Check out the Alamo Drafthouse site for more updates on their opening week programming.

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