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Alex Luster's Montrose/Allen Parkway Roller-dancer Video Goes Viral

What makes Houston so dang Houston-y? KUHF has been asking locals to submit short videos about what makes this city the unique place we have come to love. Let's face it, Houston can be wonderfully wacko and if you are not from here (or pleasantly displaced), you may not get it.

"Wonderfully wacko" is a good description for Juan Carlos the dancing rollerblader who boogies his way through the intersection of Montrose and Allen parkway every evening. He's difficult to miss. Juan Carlos and his roller-dancing are the subject of Alex Luster's submission to the KUHF contest and it has been creating some viral waves.

Luster is the documentarian behind Stick 'Em Up! as well as a 2011 Art Attack 100 Creative).

Luster was drawn to Juan Carlos because of his "infectious positive energy." He realized that if Juan Carlos made his day a bit brighter, he was surely doing the same for others. "I think he represents Houston's true diversity," says Luster. 

Funnily enough' Juan Carlos was very receptive to chatting with Luster on tape but more reserved when it came to his dancing being filmed. Juan Carlos is apparently totally cool with dancing in front of hundreds of cars daily, but got a bit camera shy.

Luster also tells us that the feedback to this video has been excellent. All of a sudden this roller-dancing phenom is a "real person" with a voice and a purpose.

When I asked Luster if he thought he would win the KUHF contest he was more inclined to say that what he hopes happens is that this will get Houstonians to "appreciate what Juan Carlos does," which is to make some folks smile on their crappy evening commutes (of course he wants to win the contest too).

The KUHF contest closes on April 30, so there is still time to vote. Go check out Luster's video and you can also view all of the other videos that depict how awesome Houston is.

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