All Girls: A Portrait of 13-Year-Old Girls in All Their Nasty, Lovable Glory

Three 13-year-old girls share the stage with a psychiatrist mother determined to make the best choices for her daughter in All Girls, about to undergo its regional premiere in Houston at Stark Naked Theatre.

Actress and co-founding director Kim Tobin, who gets to play the manipulative mother in the play, saw All Girls in New York and contacted playwright Anna Greenfield to see if Stark Naked Theatre could get the rights to put it on in Houston.

The teenage best friends are about to enter high school in the play set in the '90s and the leader, Morgan, is uncertain whether her path to success still has room for these other girls. Her mother certainly isn't sure of the benefits of their continued association.

Greenfield wanted to write about 13-year-old girls and the turmoil common to them, even knowing that not all audience members might appreciate them.

"They are nasty and loveable and funny and awful and we ask that the audience love them anyway, says Greenfield. "I love 13-year-old girls and I also fear them."

"It's a bridge from one world to another, from child to adult. It was a really scary time in a lot of ways. There's no like outlet for all your intensity."

Directed by Julia Traber, this comedy/drama occasionally moves into surreal territory and isn't recommended for children.

Greenfield, who has also acted, says most of her efforts now are in play-writing. "Acting is amazing but you have to wait around a lot for people to call you up," she says.

"I'm just so excited and honored to have my play in another state. I feel so honored that it gets to be in Houston," Greenfield says. And in fact, she's flying down for opening weekend.

All Girls runs October 11 through 26 at Spring Street Studios, 1824 Spring Street. For information, visit starknakedtheatre.com. $20 General Admission, $17 Senior and $10 Student.

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