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Alley Theatre Artistic, Managing Directors Sign on for Five More Years

Alley Theatre Artistic Director Gregory Boyd and Managing Director Dean R. Gladden have signed new contracts that would keep them on the job for another five years, according to a release. The contracts begin fiscal year 2011-2012 and continue through fiscal year 2015-2016.

Alley Board President Rob Reedy credited Boyd and Gladden with increasing the Alley's earned revenue by 44 percent, contributions by 76 percent, eliminating a $575,000 deficit and creating an operating surplus of more than $1 million dollars over the past five years, in addition to producing "spectacular productions like The Gershwins' An American in Paris and Wonderland and world premieres like Treasure Island, Intelligence-Slave and A Weekend With Pablo Picasso," according to the release. "Plus, during this past season two of our world premieres, Gruesome Playground Injuries and Wonderland, opened in New York."

Boyd, who has been artistic director since 1989, said "Houston is an extraordinary place, and an extraordinary community that grows more interesting and exciting every year," according to the release. ""The Alley is one of the major treasures in our city - to our audiences and to the artists who work here. And today the Alley has never been stronger - building on its long tradition, and bringing about, especially in the last few seasons, a renewed sense of innovation and creativity from everyone - board and staff. I'm honored, privileged and excited to continue as artistic director."

Gladden has been managing director since 2006 and called the Alley "one of the flagship theater companies in the United States, and we are honored to continue to lead this important institution for the city of Houston," according to the release

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